Blacklist spa therapists.


  We decided to create this list to any potential employer could protect themselves from unscrupulous and irresponsible persons, thereby reducing the risks. This list does not fall into a random person, only those who brought some losses employers. We choose persons for the list or by our personal experience or by formal letters (complaint) employers.

So we invite you to join this project. If you have problem employees, please, send us their personal data with a copy of an official letter describing problems, which was addressed to the Embassy of Thailand in your country or other official letter.

Thus, you are helping to achieve three main objectives: the first - to protect other employers from unscrupulous employees, the second - to punish spa therapist for inappropriate behavior, and the third - to stimulate the current staff and prevent such situations.

To subscribe to the new persons in the blacklist, send a request to e-mail: Blacklist spa therapists:















Miss Chutikan Thanarueangjarud















Miss Nuttaparn Tanyaboontakoon
















Miss Tanipa Paengsaen












Miss Chompoonut Khawpimai












Miss Sirinan Kumphan

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